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Fallout within Bunge la Mwananchi as Nuru Okanga attacks Gaucho

Calvince ‘Gaucho’ Okoth, the Self declared Ghetto President, and Nuruku Okang’a, one of Azimio La Umoja’s top activists, are currently engaged in a war of words over the leadership of the people’s baraza, commonly referred to as Bunge la Mwananchi, and their support for opposition chief Raila Odinga.

On July 2, 2023, Mr Okanga posted a tirade of him bashing and threatening Ms Gaucho on his YouTube page.

Apparently, Gaucho attempted to take his leadership policies to Jacaranda Grounds- the turf of Nuru Okanga- and this was not well received. Gaucho is currently conducting a grassroots consultation forum under the theme of ghetto liberation.

“If you were the most popular ghetto president, your Jeevanjee Gardens bunge would have been the one that is renowned. You said you joined politics a long time ago and I am yet to even be a year old in politics. Look at how Jacaranda is a threat. It is threatening even Ruto because of me, Okanga. What have you even built in Jeevanjee? You working with goons is what has made the Jeevanjee bunge split. You are given money, you collect goons and you destroy everything. It was shut down because of you. And then you come to Jacaranda? We will not allow Jacaranda to be shut down because of you!” Mr Okanga told Mr Gaucho.

Mr Okanga further alleged that Gaucho threatened him with his goons and with sexual innuendos, adding that he too had goons that would deal with Gaucho if he ever stepped foot in Jacaranda. Okanga demanded that everyone stayed and benefitted from their respective areas without interfering with the other.

He further went ahead to thank the people of Jacaranda for allegedly seeing Gaucho for who he really is and his shady tactics; advising the people not to allow nonsense in their area. Okanga also told Gaucho that he would not allow him and his goons to spoil things for Raila Odinga; and if Baba will not stop him, then he would personally deal with Gaucho after he openly threatened him in front of others.

“You went to Jacaranda and insulted me, but I did not respond. You insulted Peter Salasya, George Wajackoyah and Eugene Wamalwa, saying I wear their uniforms. They are in Azimio too. When I wear my uniform with the R (for Raila), why don’t you complain too? Let us respect each other. If you can’t respect me, I won’t respect you and your ghetto president. Wananchi have even told me to take over the presidency. It is vacant because you are now in UDA. Go to UDA and stop bothering people with phone calls. Pack and go to UDA. No one in Azimio is holding you back,” said Mr Okanga.

Okanga further alleged that Gaucho and his people have been claiming Azimio has been sending them goons to attack them as seen in the recent past where he was attacked on his way to an Azimio rally in Kamukunji.

“You are the one going around insulting Azimio politicians and calling them cartels, that you want these politicians to recognize you. Do you think cartels recognize anyone? You are the one who brought all these problems (on yourself). Every time you speak, it is to insult Azimio politicians. Have you ever seen me insult Azimio principles? the politicians? Respect them and they will respect you. Gaucho, you want to mess with me so that I stop being loyal to Baba and leave Azimio but you will wait forever. You are the one who will leave me there,” continued Mr Okanga.

He further told Gaucho he is the one who will expel him from Azimio and not Raila Odinga.

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