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Felicity: ‘I wasn’t confident that Thee Pluto and I would be together for life’

Content creator Thee Pluto, alongside his partner Felicity Wanjiru, recently shared insights into their marriage journey and navigating life together.

Appearing on DJ Mo and Size 8’s reality show, ‘Love in the Wild’, the couple candidly discussed the ups and downs they’ve faced.

Thee Pluto revealed his initial uncertainty about his partner agreeing to move in with him despite being ready for the next step in their relationship.

“After she got pregnant, I jokingly told her to move in with me, not expecting her to agree. However, to my surprise, she came that evening, and from there, things naturally progressed towards marriage,” he recounted.

Regarding her pregnancy journey, Felicity highlighted her partner’s support and her family’s eventual acceptance despite initial difficulties.

“My partner was very supportive during the pregnancy journey. It was tough breaking the news to my mum, but she eventually supported me. The marriage and pregnancy were challenging. I experienced mood swings, which made things difficult, but we worked through it together.”

She added that the father of her child even became insecure.

“Sometimes I would just get angry and my husband couldn’t make sense of it. He became insecure about it thinking I didn’t want the relationship. It was a lot,” she explained.

Recalling the decision to move in with Thee Pluto, Felicity admitted to feeling uncertain about the future of their relationship.

“I wasn’t completely confident that Pluto and I would be together for life. We hadn’t discussed marriage or kids extensively, so we dealt with the situation as it arose,” she admitted.

Felicity also opened up about the challenges they encountered, particularly during a period of separation while they were dating, which led to online bullying.

“The most challenging part was when we broke up while we were dating. We used to create couple content on YouTube, and then we broke up. People bullied me so much on social media during that time,” Felicity shared, reflecting on the difficulties she faced.