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Fero Mobile brand enters Kenyan market

A new mobile phone brand has entered the Kenyan market. Fero Mobile phones were launched last week at iHub by Midcom who have been in the mobile market for years in Kenya, but this is a first for them because they only concentrated in selling other brands.

In Kenya, they’ve been very visible in all major towns after partnering with Orange Kenya to sell some of their devices.

They recently announced the launch of a new range of mobile phones designed in the UAE specifically for the African and Middle East markets.

The new mobile brand, Fero will offer 16 models, from entry-level feature phones through to sophisticated premium smartphones targeting the top end of the market.

Fero Mobile phones will be available in Africa and the Middle East where the Midcom Group operates.

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Senegal and Togo are the African countries that are getting Fero devices first.

“We have been a distributor of all leading mobile phone brands in Africa for the last 13 years, so we already have an extensive network and partnerships in place for channel and distribution, catering to the major African markets,” said Mr Akash Kumar, Managing Director, Midcom Group.


He added that their years of experience and in-depth market knowledge has made it an obvious choice for the company to launch its own brand.

“Consumers are well informed and good quality products at competitive pricing is paramount. This, coupled with the logistics of distribution in Africa, is the barrier to others and the real strength of Midcom,” Mr Kumar said.

Fero Royale X1 is one of their best device which comes with the latest Big Battery in Kenya.

The Fero X1 has a 4000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and a whole lot of other impressive features for a recommended retail price of only Sh13,999.

The downside of this device is when switched on the screen comes short and you can only be able to access probably 4 inches of the screen unlike other phones which shows the whole display of the screen when browsing.

The best thing about this mobile phone is that it comes with 3GB and 16GB of storage with a 128GB expandable storage capability.

It also comes with 13MP main camera and 5MP front camera. The device supports dual micro SIM, and is slightly heavy compared to other devices of the same range.

According to the manufacturer, the handset has a powerful imaging technology for clear and vivid colours.