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Filthy rich Citam Church shocks Kenyans with Sh2.5billion revenue

By Sylvania Ambani September 24th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyans can’t believe that Christ is the Answer Ministries (Citam) has earned a revenue of Sh2.53 billion for the year 2021.

According to their financial statement, the church’s total income for the year 2021 increased by 29 per cent to Sh2.53 billion up from Sh1.96 billion.

This is attributed to the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions that resulted in the re-opening of learning institutions, the revival of businesses and the relaxation of the ban on social gatherings.

Assemblies’ income increased by 9 per cent with most of the assemblies recording income growth in 2021 compared to 2020. This is attributed to a significant increase in tithe and offerings majorly in the new and young assemblies.

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Business units’ income increased by 171 per cent to Sh684million up from Sh252million. The increase is attributed to the reopening of hotels, eateries, and learning institutions, increased pupil enrollment in schools owned by the church.

Outreach ministries income also increased by three per cent to Sh220million up from Sh213million. This was mainly due to inter-unit sales from Citam Broadcasting Service (CBS) program offered by Hope Media.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter:

“After seeing how much money Citam made, expect to see more people opening churches,” @Oumasarah said.

“Citam is the true reflection of how religion is impoverishing congregants to make rich the pastor. There are students in Citam who don’t have school fees, sleep hungry don’t have that many clothes but the church has that amount of money,” @Mongareokiro1 wrote.

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“Is Citam performing better than KQ in financial performances?” @Inflat asked.

“Churches like Citam should be paying taxes. Such churches surpass income generated in some counties,” @limo_39 said.

“High time churches begin to pay taxes,” @E_Atemba said.

“In 2020, I watched in disbelief at Citam as G4S vans with guns pointed from every orifice escorted God’s money to the bank after service. Now I understand how they collected Ksh. 2.53 billion last year alone from their sheep. The God of Citam has more money than GoK,” @_fels1 said.

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