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Lillian Ng’ang’a gives a sneak preview of the untold stories in her memoir

From being the First Lady of Machakos County to being an author of a much-anticipated publication, Lillian Ng’ang’a has fought against all odds in her years on the public scene and still continues to stand her ground.

The businesswoman, whose is now a new mother and a wife to celebrated singer Juliani has shared the finer detailsof her former position in leadership and her future plans.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Lillian has also revealed that she chose to write a memoir so that she can share her story with the public.

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“First reason was that I wanted to share the work I did as Machakos First Lady because I did do a lot but it was never publicized as much. I gave years of my life to many different projects that changed and improved many lives and that should not be disregarded with the blanket of I was just a pretty companion that did not do anything in Machakos County,” said Lillian.

“Secondly is to own and tell my story, my way, and not let the media’s false stories remain as truths. This I had to do to avoid a 2013 repetition where I was branded a certain way and I kept quiet,” she added.

Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Lilian Ng’ang’a at a past event. PHOTO | COURTESY

She went further to say that she hopes her courage to tell her story will inspire other County First Ladies to open up about their own.

“Many County First Ladies have done amazing work in the Counties. I hope they too can tell their stories,” Lillian remarked.

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She also revealed that she finished the draft of the book a long time ago and had initially planned on releasing the book much earlier, but she ended up having a not-so-pleasant encounter with an editor who contributed to the delay.

Machakos county governor Alfred Mutua with his wife Lilian Nganga. FILE PHOTO
Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Lilian Nganga. FILE PHOTO

“I am a very focused person and once I embark on a project, I give it my undivided attention. I would set an hour in the morning to write. I write fast. The draft was done pretty quickly but once I engaged an editor, her editing was so poor I had to redo the work and then onboard a new editor. That is why the memoir release took longer than I had anticipated,” she said.

Lillian announced in February 2022 that she was planning to release an autobiography, giving a glimpse into her life. She said she was working on something that would give the public a better perspective of her role as the then Machakos First Lady.

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