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Finance Bill 2023: Nairobi lawyer calls for upward review of advocates’ salaries

A Nairobi lawyer wants the Law Society of Kenya to reach out to the office of the Chief Justice and have the Advocates Remuneration Order reviewed upwards, in light of the Finance Bill 2023.

Through Aguko Osman and Company Advocates, the lawyer, Gad Aguko, who is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, has said the Bill, which sailed through the second reading in Parliament this week, will lead to increased of taxes if passed into law.

This, he said, will affect advocates financially, and for that reason there is need for a review of their salaries.

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“Clearly the rates as they stand and in line with the Finance Bill 2023 are likely to discourage the thousands of the aspiring advocates from joining the profession and the current members of the society from discharging their sworn mandate of dispensing justice to the nation and members of the public,” the lawyer said in a letter addressed to LSK.

According to the lawyer, the LSK Council has the right of reaching out to the office of Chief Justice Martha Koome and making discussions plus recommendations on matters of remuneration of advocates.

The lawyer is of the view that it would only be important if the matter is put on consideration bearing in mind the ripple effect of the new tax policies in order to cushion members of this society from glaring adverse effect of the high cost of living which is as a result of the Finance Bill 2023.

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The lawyer also argues that due to the changing times and effects of inflation there is need of reviewing how they are paid.

“The Finance Bill 2023, if passed, will impose high taxes which will directly and indirectly eat into the little bread and butter that members of our society have been getting for almost a decade without the consideration of the changing times and inflation. We would be grateful if you could, kindly, issue us with a favorable update of this matter,” the letter reads in part.

The remuneration of members of LSK is regulated in terms of the minimum chargeable fees when advocates render their services and the current one was enacted in 2014 by the then Chief Justice Dr Willy Mutunga.

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