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From football aspirations to musical stardom, Harmonize’s journey

Konde Gang CEO, Harmonize has revealed that he never dreamed of becoming a musician.

Harmonize, who burst into the limelight in 2015 under the wing of Diamond Platnumz’s label, disclosed his unexpected path to fame during a recent interview with Clouds FM.

Contrary to now his widely recognized musical prowess, Harmonize initially aspired to be a soccer player rather than a musician.

“I didn’t want to be a musician. I had the dream of being a footballer. Music called for me because when I sing, people recognize. I don’t overthink when I’m doing a song; I create music based on my personal experiences. When I’m happy, I’ll sing about happiness, and when I’m sad or lonely, I’ll sing about those feelings as well,” he candidly explained.

Since his debut in the music industry in 2015, Harmonize’s meteoric rise has led him to become one of East Africa’s most celebrated stars.

However, this path was an unexpected one for the artist, who originally had aspirations in a different field altogether.

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Harmonize’s departure from Diamond’s label three years ago marked a pivotal turning point in his career.

He founded his own record label, Konde Music Worldwide, allowing him to exert more control over his creative journey and business decisions.

Reflecting on his time under Diamond’s label, Harmonize shared insight into the financial dynamics.

“I had a 10-year contract with WCB. Whatever I earned, they were to take 60% while I took 40%. It didn’t matter whether the money came from music or endorsements,” he said.

While Harmonize had previously kept silent about the reasons for leaving WCB, he decided to share his perspective to dispel assumptions.

He clarified that he had never denied being signed by WCB but felt the need to address the misunderstandings.

“The trouble started after I started doing well. Diamond’s manager started making it look like I was competing with him (Diamond),” Harmonize added.

Harmonize and his former mentor, Diamond Platnumz, don’t share a mutual relationship after he quit his record label, Wasafi.

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