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Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura lauds Ruto amid Ethiopia’s economic woes

By Mercy Simiyu December 27th, 2023 2 min read

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura has heaped praise on President William Ruto’s economic policies while attributing the same to the stability of the country’s financial health.

Mwaura, in a press statement on December 27, 2023, further explained that the Head of State’s “far-sighted decisions” had steered Kenya from the brink of economic collapse.

He said: “President William Samoei Ruto made far-sighted decisions that saved our country from the edge of the economic precipice. Many people thought that Kenya would default on foreign debt.”

Mwaura further indicated that despite facing pressure and skepticism from critics, the President’s “tough, even unpopular” choices have ultimately proven effective in safeguarding the country’s economic integrity and restoring investor confidence.

“Sometimes the choices we make may be tough, even unpopular, but in the fullness of time, even the worst of critiques come to reckon that it was the best route to take.”

Mwaura’s statement comes a day after it was reported that Ethiopia, Kenya’s neighbour to the north, had defaulted on paying its international debt.

Kenya has also been battling debt payment schedules in recent times with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and China among the biggest lenders.

Ghana and Zambia are the other African countries known to have struggled to pay debts in recent years.

At a recent meeting with journalists, President Ruto acknowledged he had made challenging decisions aimed at stabilizing the economy.

He emphasised that his intervention was crucial to prevent the country from spiraling into a state of debt distress.

“The reality is that our economy has successfully navigated away from debt distress. The decisions I’ve had to make were not easy, and I recognize the hardships they may impose. However, it’s preferable to address these challenges now rather than risking Kenya’s financial stability,” President Ruto stated.

Highlighting the severe repercussions of debt distress, the President underscored its detrimental impact on nations.

President Ruto’s allies have consistently blamed his successor Uhuru Kenyatta on the economic situation of the country.

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