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Haile Selassie Avenue to be closed to repair City Square Post Office footbridge

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) is set to repair the City Square Post Office footbridge on the busy Haile Selassie Avenue.

The iconic footbridge was damaged by a trailer carrying an excavator earlier, more than two years ago.

Kura has urged motorists and other road users that they will have to contend with the closure of Haile Selassie Avenue on Sunday, February 19 and February 26 2023.

“The closure will commence from Saturday 18th midnight to Sunday 19th midnight. The same will be repeated on midnight 25th till midnight of 26th February 2023,” a statement from Kura read in part.

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Motorists and members of the public have been urged to use alternative routes like Uhuru Highway, Moi Avenue and Kenyatta Avenue on both days.

“We regret any inconvenience caused and urge members of the public to cooperate as we strive to enhance urban mobility,” added Kura.

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The footbridge was closed in December 2020 by the defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) for renovation.

A temporary steel structure was erected to support the bridge as construction plans for a new footbridge were said to be underway.

The footbridge is significant for pedestrians crossing Haile Selassie Avenue from Kenya Railways headquarters, and its damage had to be addressed immediately.

The initial plan was to construct a new footbridge, and in the meantime, NMS painted zebra crossing signs along the road for pedestrians and also erected bumps on the avenue a situation that temporarily halted traffic flow along the busy Haile Selassie Avenue.

The bumps did not last for long and were removed after traffic snarl-ups were witnessed along the avenue.

Before the erection of speed bumps, pedestrians found crossing a daunting task, with motorists puzzled why the pedestrians were not using the footbridge.

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