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Hamisa Mobetto on why she will never go through her man’s phone

Drawing from her past experience, Tanzanian socialite and brand influencer Hamisa Mobetto has asked women not to check their men’s phones.

The mother of two thinks it’s good for one’s sanity and mental health not to gawk at their lover’s phone even if they share passwords.

“I think you shouldn’t. Speaking for myself, I can never touch my partner’s phone even if he leaves it there and I know the password. I don’t need to invite stress to myself.”

Hamisa says she is an over-thinker which most women are and as such perusing through your man’s phone might end up leaving you in a very bad mental state.

“I will not touch your phone because I overreact. I am an overthinker probably that’s why most of the time I am single. I guess this has been occasioned by my past experiences with men. When I am dating someone, I always need constant assurance and updates. I need my man to always give me updates of where he is because of what he is doing and when he will be coming home or meeting me,” she explained.

Mobetto has dated two Tanzanian celebrities namely Diamond Platnumz and media mogul Majjizo.

The duo are the fathers of her two kids.

The former model is currently in a relationship with a man she is yet to introduce publicly. They have been together for over four months and even then, she is yet to introduce him to her children.

“He has asked to meet my kids but I don’t think we are there yet. I don’t just introduce guys I am dating to my kids easily because what happens when we are no longer together and maybe the guy had already started bonding with my kids?” she poses.

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