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Has Juliani’s baby mama Brenda Wairimu found love again?

Nairobi-based actress Brenda Wairimu’s rumoured relationship with Nigerian actor and movie director AJ, aka Duke of Bariga, has been confirmed.

The couple reportedly started their romance three months ago during the production of AJ’s newly released Nollywood movie, Dice.

The lovebirds were recently spotted at a cinema in Nairobi’s Parklands neighbourhood where they enjoyed an exclusive screening of a Julia Roberts movie.

AJ is well known in the Nollywood scene for his acting and directing talents and has worked with some of the biggest stars in Nigeria and across Africa.

Brenda initially teased their relationship by sharing an intimate photo on Instagram Stories, which showed her resting her hand on AJ’s chest while looking into his eyes.

Although she quickly deleted the picture, the actor’s distinctive full beard, and heavy tattoos led internet sleuths to identify him as the mystery man.

AJ, who is often referred to as the Nigerian “Prince” on social media, has previously been linked to other high-profile African stars.

According to a close source, the couple was spotted at Nairobi’s Diamond Plaza Mall in Parklands, where they rented out an entire cinema hall to watch a classic Julia Roberts film.

An insider revealed that AJ and Brenda first arrived at the cinema with a group of about five people, who eventually left the couple alone in the exclusive room.

“They left after almost two hours and came back a weekend later and booked it the same way again,” the source said.

Brenda Wairimu previously dated rapper Juliani, with whom she has an eight-year-old daughter, Amor Njeri. The couple split in 2017 and Brenda has since moved on to find love with AJ, with their budding romance in the spotlight.

Juliani also moved on, and in 2021, he began dating Alfred Mutua’s ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a, the minister of foreign and diaspora affairs.

The couple tied the knot in a private wedding at an undisclosed location in Kiambu County in February 2022. They later welcomed their first child together in August of that year.

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