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How local startup LoHo is revolutionizing learning in Kenya

Educational startup LoHo Learning has officially unveiled its eagerly anticipated app, marking a significant milestone after a year of intensive development.

The company’s mission is to make education more accessible and engaging for Kenyans from all walks of life.

Founded in 2017, LoHo Learning emerged from within Longhorn Publishers PLC, a prominent Pan-African publishing house with a presence in ten African countries.

LoHo Learning’s journey began with a visionary quest to create groundbreaking eLearning and eBook solutions that would enhance access to quality education in an affordable and engaging manner.

As a leading provider of digital learning solutions, the startup empowers learners, educators, and institutions to achieve better educational outcomes through cutting-edge eLearning platforms, interactive educational content, and comprehensive learning management systems.

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“Our goal is to revolutionize education by harnessing technology’s power.  Through advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and virtual reality, we create immersive and personalized learning experiences tailored to each learner’s unique needs and preferences,” said James Ong’ang’a, the CEO and founder of LoHo Learning.

The newly launched app, now available on the Google Play store, adopts an interactive approach to make learning enjoyable for students.

It simplifies access to learning by providing both online and offline access to educational materials. Learners can download books while connected to the internet for offline reading, ensuring uninterrupted access to knowledge.

One of LoHo Learning’s distinctive features is its commitment to inclusivity in education. The company is redefining the traditional classroom, making learning accessible to children with special needs.

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“Our content is designed to be inclusive for differently abled learners. We believe in extending access to knowledge for all, making inclusivity the foundation of effective eLearning,” Ong’ang’a said.

Currently, LoHo Learning serves 120 schools through its online platform, benefiting approximately 38,000 students. Additionally, 22 schools in Dadaab have already adopted its offline version.

However, the startup is facing challenges related to the lack of electricity and internet access in some schools, particularly in rural areas, as well as insufficient funds allocated to public schools for technology adoption in education.

Interested individuals can learn more about LoHo Learning on their website or simply download the app to join the movement toward a brighter, more interactive future for education in Kenya.

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