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How Mulamwah’s baby mama Carrol Sonnie officially changed daughter’s name

Content creator and brand influencer Carrol ‘Sonnie’ Muthoni has revealed that she has officially changed her daughter’s name, removing her ex-boyfriend’s surname.

This she revealed during a recent Q&A session on her YouTube channel.

Engaging in a question-and-answer segment where she addressed her followers’ burning inquiries about her life, Carrol disclosed the decision to alter her daughter’s name, marking a significant development in the aftermath of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Mulamwah.

The content creator, who recently made headlines for her openness about her personal life, clarified that her daughter’s name is now officially registered as Keilah Chloe Wangui Muthoni.

“My daughter’s name is Keilah Chloe Wangui Muthoni,” she said.

Mulamwah and Carrol Muthoni, alias Sonnie, broke up in 2021, when she was expecting their daughter, but announced the breakup in early 2022.

Mulamwah has since moved on and is expecting a child with his current girlfriend, Ruth K.

During the Q&A session, Carrol humorously addressed the emotions surrounding the name change revealing the challenges of raising her child alone.

“Guys, have you ever… I don’t know if it’s painful or what, but mothers imagine your child being rejected, and their face resembles their father’s… sips drink, what do you do? You keep moving.”

Responding to questions about financial support from comedian Mulamwah, Carrol maintained her composure.

When asked about her relationship with the father of her child and whether he provides support, she cleared her throat, then smoothly transitioned to the next question regarding the possibility of a new love interest.

Her followers on Instagram have consistently offered reassurance and support as she navigates the complexities of co-parenting.

In a past interview, Carrol said at some point she was suicidal, but a friend saved her life.

“It was not easy and the only reason I did not quit social media was that I was afraid I would not feed my child,” she said.

“I had to learn to grow a thick skin. I was suicidal because of postpartum depression and other things. My baby was barely a month old then.”

This is the process Carrol used to change her child’s name.

For children below 2 years, the process is straightforward. Visit the nearest registrar of persons office, typically where birth certificates are issued.

Inform the officer about the desire to change the child’s name. Complete a prescribed form, attach the old birth certificate, pay a small fee, and then await the process, usually completed within a maximum of 2 months.

For children over 2 years, changing the name of an older child requires additional steps. The process varies based on the child’s age category. For children between 2 years to 16 years, the parent has to involve a lawyer for assistance.

Also, additional documentation may be required where the parent has to fill in necessary forms with the lawyer’s guidance.