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How Nairobi Beer Festival 2023 went down

Over the weekend, Nairobi beer enthusiasts had an amazing time indulging in a wide array of beer flavours at the Nairobi Beer Festival, held at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

The two-day event showcased more than 30 different types of beers, both locally brewed and from beyond Kenyan borders.

They included sampling different flavours of stout, lager, wheat, porter, draft, lager, ale, pilsner and craft beers.

Nairobi Street Kitchen was transformed into a bustling mini-market featuring pop-up bars offering diverse beer flavours.

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A knowledgeable mixologist was on hand to guide attendees through the tasting experience. Visitors had the opportunity to hop from one pop-up to another, sampling each unique flavor available.

My personal beer tour began at the Guinness pop-up bar, where revellers were served perfectly chilled stout. They were also demonstrated the meticulous technique required to pour the stout with precision and finesse.

Pouring it into a dry glass at a 45-degree angle and allowing the surge to settle before filling it to the top ensures the perfect pint. The Guinness stout boasted subtle notes of coffee, complemented by the sweetness of chocolate.

It was best paired with beef stew, although many chose to enjoy it with french fries and chicken wings.

For beer enthusiast Nash Kazungu, the highlight of the event was the craft beer selection.

“I sampled a diverse portfolio of craft beers and experienced the unique brewed taste of Blonde, Pale Ale, and Amber,” said Kazungu. Craft beer options included Nyatipa, Enkare, Korongo, and Kifabock Berwee by Brew Bistro.

Of course, no festival is complete without music. To keep the party atmosphere alive, Nairobi DJs such as DJ Lordwin, DJ Kronicc, DJ Briizy, DJ Smolls, and DJ Eazzy took turns entertaining the audience with their energizing beats at the deck.

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