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‘I birthed my baby in traffic,’ Daddy Marto’s wife narrates

Actor Martin Githinji, better known as Daddie Marto, recently took to social media to announce the arrival of his third child with his wife, Christine Kokueendera.

While the couple shared the joyous news, they kept one crucial detail under wraps – the extraordinary circumstances under which their baby was delivered.

In a candid video on their YouTube channel MaNaPaTau, Christine revealed the incredible story of giving birth in a car.

In previous childbirth experiences, Christine’s water would break, followed by induction and a waiting period of 12 to 14 hours before delivery.

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However, on May 12, 2023, things took an unexpected turn.

Around 7 am, Christine started experiencing unusual sensations and contractions. The pain in her back indicated that labor had begun, but she was perplexed since her water hadn’t broken yet. Typically, her water would break, followed by induction and hours of labor before the baby arrived.

The pain grew stronger as the contractions intensified, occurring every three minutes. Meanwhile, Daddie Marto was at work, unaware that his wife was about to deliver. Being familiar with how Christine had delivered their previous two children, he believed they still had several hours to go.

Then, finally, Christine’s water broke. She left for the hospital accompanied by her friend Njeri, but they realized they had forgotten crucial hospital documents during the journey.

Without those documents, the hospital wouldn’t admit them. They had no choice but to turn back home.

The pain became unbearable during the return trip, and Christine screamed in the car. Unable to bear it any longer, she instinctively got on all fours in the backseat, knowing the baby’s arrival was imminent.

“The pain was too much, and I went on all fours. Every woman who has gone into labour knows that it helps engage the baby’s head when you assume this position. I knew the baby was coming,” Christine recounted. She grabbed a Maasai shuka from the car, sat on the seat, and mentally prepared herself for what lay ahead.

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As they made their way through the heavy traffic on Thika Road, Christine, and Njeri desperately attempted to flag down two ambulances traveling in the opposite direction for assistance, but to no avail. With each passing moment, Christine’s pain intensified, and she found herself undressing in the car, paying no mind to the lack of privacy.

“The next thing I remember is undressing. I was completely naked, and the car didn’t have tinted windows. But that was the least of my worries because I knew the time had come and the baby was coming. I screamed and held onto the seatbelt for a few seconds, and then the baby was out,” she said.

Christine swiftly pulled the baby onto her chest to keep him warm, and to their relief, he cried. Overwhelmed with emotion, she exclaimed, “I couldn’t believe it! I was incredibly proud of myself. These are stories you hear about or watch in movies. I birthed my own baby, staying calm and composed throughout the process. It was a monumental moment for me.”

After the dramatic roadside birth, they eventually reached the hospital. Medical professionals attended to them, cutting the umbilical cord and ensuring the well-being of both mother and child.

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