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Vera Sidika’s husband Brown Mauzo reveals he is a father of five

Kenyan socialite and businesswoman Vera Sidika’s son Prince Ice with singer Brown Mauzo turned four months old.

Vera partly unveiled her son’s face on her social media, describing him as the most handsome boy ever.

“He got me super obsessed,” Vera gushed in her post.

Vera Sidika with son Ice Brown. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Vera’s husband, Mauzo, sparked curiosity among his fans after disclosing that he is a father of five.

The musician shared photos featuring his second child with Vera, Prince Ice Brown, proudly showcasing part of the baby’s face.

However, his tagging of multiple other children caught the attention of his followers.

Mauzo’s social media post included five children’s names, all sharing his last name, leaving fans uncertain about their true connection to him.

While it remains unclear whether all the children mentioned are Mauzo’s biological offspring or if some are relatives, the disclosure has generated considerable intrigue.

Interestingly, Mauzo, previously known as a father of three, had never showcased these purported other children before, leaving fans questioning the reason behind the secrecy.

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The caption of the post read: “Baba @prince_icebrown, @princess_asiabrown, @lareesa_brownn, @hakeemmauzo and Zulfabrown.”

Social media users took to the comments section to share their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Some users playfully commented on Mauzo’s perceived ability to father children, while others expressed concern over the situation.

After the comments began pouring in, Mauzo edited the post and decided only to tag his son with Vera Sidika.

One user referenced Vera Sidika’s previous statements in a Showmax reality series, implying that the socialite may have hindered Mauzo’s access to his other children.

In one of the episodes, Vera revealed that her husband, Brown Mauzo, has other children from previous relationships and has been unable to see them for about two years.

This situation has been difficult for Vera, who has never been in a relationship with someone with kids.

She admitted that she didn’t know how to handle it at first.

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