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#SabaSaba: Azimio’s maandamano in Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa

Azimio La Umoja supporters gathered along various streets across the country to participate in the opposition-led SabaSaba rallies and marches that were called for nationwide.

In all instances, anti-riot police responded with tear gas to disperse the gathering crowds.

In Kisumu, the streets remained empty and shops closed down as Azimio supporters began their demonstrations as early as 10 am on July 7. The same was witnessed along Moi Avenue in Mombasa County and at Survey, Thika Road in Nairobi County.

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Mr Joseph Egelan (left) and Ben Kerio at 10:52 am in Lodwar town conducting a peaceful protest over high cost of living. They carried placards with the current prices of common products and there proposed affordable prices. PHOTO| Sammy Lutta

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, July 4, Azimio’s top leadership called for the Sabasaba Rally to protest  President William Ruto’s regime and his imposition of new and increased taxes on Kenyans despite millions struggling to meet their daily needs due to the runaway cost of high living.

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The rally, and several others held in several other counties, aims to lead Kenyans in civil disobedience in what they term the Third Liberation.

“The people have had enough. There comes a time when being taken for granted becomes unbearable. There comes a time when being treated as fools becomes intolerable. That time has come. Henceforth, we are taking bold measures against the illegitimate regime of Ruto in response to his actions against us,” Mr Odinga said in a statement.

He added, “Ruto is imposing taxes without our consent and implementing laws that only make our lives more difficult. We cannot tolerate the current state of taxation and its accompanying injustices any longer.

“Ruto has even removed subsidies on essential goods like fuel, unga (maize flour), electricity and school fees while providing subsidies to helicopter owners and financing the lavish lifestyles of his allies with our hard-earned money.

We are dealing with a heartless tyrant who shows no regard for the people. We are determined to rectify this situation.”

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A boda boda operator in Siaya is getting ready for the demonstrations. He is ready with old tyres to light bonfires. PHOTO| Kassim Adinasi

Following this rally calls, Nairobi Regional Police Boss Adamson Bungei said that law enforcement will not allow any illegal gatherings at Kamukunji Grounds, the main stage for the rallies and where Raila is expected to address Kenyans from.

He clarified that Azimio had followed due process in convening their Kamukunji meeting as a baraza, not for demonstrations as people claimed.

“It will be a working day and at the baraza in Kamukunji, we will provide security. There is no cause for alarm,” added Mr Bungei.

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