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This should never have happened! – Miguna Miguna arrives in Kenya

By Wangu Kanuri October 20th, 2022 2 min read

Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna touched down the Kenyan soil on Thursday, 20 at around 6:20 am.

The Canadian cum Kenyan lawyer was welcomed by his fans at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) and was dressed in a blue shirt, a blue pair of jeans, and a black jacket.

Miguna said on arrival, “I must extend my gratitude to Kenyans that voted overwhelmingly for the Kenya Kwanza government because that is central for me.”

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Adding, “Without this administration, I would not be back home. I am thanking his excellency, the President, the deputy and his administration, and everybody else who has worked tirelessly to make sure that my rights are protected and the rights of every other Kenyan.”

Miguna noted, “What happened to me should not have happened to anyone else. A Kenyan-born citizen cannot be discarded, removed forcefully from a country, and banished to a foreign land.”

Exiled in 2018, Miguna Miguna had promised that he would be landing on Mashujaa Day and kept updating his followers via Twitter.

Last night, Miguna, who tops up as a politician, posted, “With Dr. (Rev.) Frankline Mondo Mugisha at the Dubai International Airport – hours before our flight to Nairobi. See you at the #MashujaaDay. Viva!”

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Additionally, Miguna would also be attending President William Ruto’s first Mashujaa Day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, saying that as soon as he lands, he would proceed to the venue.

He also has a direct invite to State House.

“From the JKIA to #MashujaaDay. Then to @StateHouseKenya. Patriots are FREE to be at the JKIA. Freedom is here! Cheers.”

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Dr Miguna was exiled after his role in the swearing in of chief opposition leader, Raila Odinga, as the people’s president in 2018 and was charged with treason-related offenses and his attempts to return to Kenya, despite several court orders issued to facilitate his return, bore no fruits.

Among the key arguments used by the State to exile Miguna was that he had obtained Kenyan and, later on, Canadian citizenship at a time when Kenya did not support that type of citizenship.

As such, the government argued that he forfeited his Kenyan citizenship when he took up the Canadian one, even though he went to Canada to seek asylum from the oppressive Kanu regime led by the late President Daniel Moi.

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However, Dr. Miguna remained hopeful that one day he shall return and support the then Deputy President Ruto in his presidential bid, as the latter had promised that once he clinched victory, he would lift the red alerts and allow him back.

 Miguna wholeheartedly supported Ruto while throwing snide comments to the former president Uhuru Kenyatta and Odinga. 

Additionally, he promised to seek legal redress against former Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i as well as the PS Kibicho, who participated in refusing to let him back in the country.

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