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‘If Amber Ray leaves me…’ Kennedy Rapudo’s worst dating fears

Kennedy Rapudo, in an open and candid conversation with Oga Obinna, shared his unwavering confidence in his relationship with socialite Amber Ray, the mother of his third child.

Addressing concerns about the longevity of their relationship, Rapudo expressed his conviction that the era of doubt has passed.

In response to inquiries about potential fears of Amber Ray ending the relationship, Rapudo confidently asserted that those worries are behind him.

“I am not afraid of losing her. She is still with me even after people thought our relationship would not last for weeks. As long as you are confident as a man, I am sure she will not dump me. She is with me for a reason planned by God. Seasons are gone for her to dump me,” he stated.

Amber has in the past dated singers Brown Mauzo, politician Zaheer, businessman Jimal Roho Safi and Sierra Leonean basketball player Ibb.

When asked about the most significant gesture Amber Ray has made for him, Rapudo cited the gift of a child.

He acknowledged Amber Ray’s choice to keep the child.

“The best thing she has done for me is giving me a child, she would have aborted the child but she kept the child. I respect her for that,” he said.

Rapudo admitted that he often takes the initiative to apologize. Reflecting on their interactions, he mentioned that Amber Ray rarely says ‘I am sorry’.

“Mostly I am the one who apologizes unless she has indeed done something wrong.”

Rapudo revealed his intentions for a future together with Amber Ray, hinting at a private wedding away from the spotlight of social media.

“You will only realize when it is already done,” he teased.

Addressing potential political aspirations, Rapudo confirmed that he has no intention of seeking any political office.

“I am not planning to run for any political position. It has always been a no.”

Offering insight into his personal concerns, Rapudo admitted that his greatest fear is death.

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