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WATCH: KOT applaud female student who lectured Uasin Gishu leaders over sponsorship ‘scam’

A viral video capturing a brave female student confronting Uasin Gishu politicians for their lateness and alleged dishonesty regarding the Finland education program has garnered significant attention online.

Senator Jackson Mandago, Governor Jonathan Bii, and Deputy Governor Eng. John Barorot found themselves in an uncomfortable position during a meeting with parents and students to address concerns about scholarships in Canada and Finland sponsored by the County Government.

“First of all, you have come late, yet you instructed us along with our parents that the meeting would commence at 9 am,” she said.

She then expressed her disappointment in Uasin Gishu Governor Bii, Senator Jackson Mandago, and Deputy Governor Barorot’s alleged disregard for the people who entrusted them with their offices.

“At what time did you arrive? Probably you do not expect me to pose such a question. These are the individuals who elected you to serve them,” she paused.

Recognizing her youth, she humbly stated, “I may seem very foolish in front of you considering I am very young.”

Addressing an elderly grandfather in the audience, she turned and said, “Guga (Grandfather) has not eaten anything since early morning. We have brought our parents, yet some are very sick – some with high blood pressure, diabetes, and even depression.”

Calling out a leader named Mr. Chelil, she confronted him with personal story.

“I went to school with three of your kids… I want to ask you one question. Do you know the medicine for depression? Do you know any anti-depressant? You don’t. I studied with Beryl, (his daughter) she is in the UK right now as we speak.”

The speaker elaborated further, revealing that two other students of the same leader are studying abroad in Australia and Canada, enjoying uninterrupted education without concerns about campus learning.

Addressing another leader, she highlighted how his children are also enrolled in international universities.

“Your children are abroad, and you told our parents, aren’t these children ours too? Aren’t they all ours? Where is Barorot’s child here?” she asked.

“Where are Mandago’s children? Now that you have decided to personalize things. Mr. Barorot, do you know about blood pressure medicine? Do you know any anti-depressants off the top of your mind? Any? No! Mr. Mandago, any anti-depressants? No!!” she further challenged.

She continued, “Very well. There are students here on anti-depressants. I urge you to just, for the sake of information, go and Google what medication is used for depression. Some of us are on anti-depressants. I graduated from Kabarak University in 2021. Your daughter graduated from Riara University and they are now abroad.”

Taking a firm tone, she addressed the deputy governor, accusing him of being deceitful and consistently dishonest whenever he interacts with students and parents.

The video has since caught the attention of online users with many applauding her for being bold.

In July 2023, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) initiated inquiries into the Uasin Gishu overseas study program that has faced challenges.

According to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), there are 233 students studying in Finland and 45 students in Canada as part of the program.

The EACC revealed that funds designated for students who had not yet embarked on their overseas studies were utilized to cover second-semester fees for students already enrolled in universities abroad.

The EACC underscored that the ongoing investigation aims to uncover any potential misappropriation that might have occurred during the process.

“On August 1, 2023, the Uasin Gishu Overseas Account saw a total of Sh257,326,740 withdrawn to beneficiaries identified as agents and/or intermediaries responsible for transferring funds to universities in Finland and Canada,” the EACC stated in an official communication.

The commission also indicated that the inquiry would particularly focus on the local withdrawal of Sh57,538,429 by the county officials entrusted with managing the Trust Fund Account.

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