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I’m not fine: Singer Rosa Ree breaks down in viral Instagram post

Tanzanian rapper Rosa Ree management has announced that the songbird is with her family. In an announcement post, the management said that Rosa would need some privacy at this time and thanked her fans for standing with her during her moment of trial.

This comes hours after the musician posted a video of herself crying saying she is not okay. Though the cause of what is bothering her remains unknown, the sukuma ndinga hitmaker shared that she was going through tough things that were dark to her.

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Nevertheless, she has remained strong about her adversary saying she is fine but does not mean it. Explaining that whatever she is going on tends to be insignificant to others as long as she promotes a song, releases an album, entertains her fans, and puts on a smiley face on social media.

“I’m not okay! I’m hurting! I’m going through tough situations! All I can see is darkness. I’m asking myself questions without responses.

When I’m like this whom do I run to? You’ve been entertained by me but when I’m not okay will you help me? I can come forward and be forthright with whatever I’m going through but I know some of you will laugh at me, gossip, dissociate and some will not even care. You are my family, where should I run to?”

She added, “If I talk about what I’m going through, it will be headlines in gossip blogs. I will receive calls to do interviews so that media houses get a story.

My life is just a movie so that people can get views. What about my feelings? Even when I’m not living, life will still continue just okay…honestly, I’m not fine!”

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Her Instagram meltdown attracted consoling messages from her fans who said;

“God be with you mommy we love you,” said Akothee.

“I am proud of you baby girl. It shall be well,” wrote Feza Kessy.

“God is giving you a test that you can handle. Turn to him for He knows so much about us and he knows our tomorrow…you will be okay,” penned Rose Ndauka.

“I will call you but you can shed for all you want my dear for that is when you heal. May God grant you strength,” said Wolper Stylish.

“I’m sorry sister; everything will be fine,” wrote Barnba Classic.

“Sending love to you,” penned Jovial.

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