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Influencer Diana Chacha opens up about the heartbreak of a miscarriage – Watch

Content creator and brand influencer Diana Chacha has publicly discussed for the first time the miscarriage she experienced in 2023.

In a conversation with Size 8 on their reality TV show, Chacha, who is currently in her final trimester, disclosed that she is expecting her third child.

When Size 8 inquired about her pregnancy journey, Chacha responded:

“The pain and journey have been challenging. The doctor mentioned that it might have been due to rushing to conceive our second child.”

Size 8 then asked her to elaborate on what she meant by rushing things.

“I was pregnant with my first baby in 2021 till the beginning of 2022. Then in May 2023, I got pregnant again, lost the baby in August and in October, I got pregnant again. This is my third pregnancy.
I had rejected that pregnancy aki. I had the symptoms but I didn’t want to test. You are new to this space, you don’t know anything and every day comes with new changes. Your body is changing and you are crying all the time,” she said.

Wahu congratulates Diana Chacha on her pregnancy after the heartbreak of a miscarriage

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Discussing the entire ordeal, Chacha revealed that she struggled to find the strength to inform her mother about her miscarriage.

“She’ll likely find out from watching the show. I didn’t tell her because she had gone through a similar experience. She had fibroids and eventually had her womb removed. As for my mother-in-law, I’m unaware of her story, but she became very emotional when I shared my experience with her. I confided in my dad and sister,” Chacha shared.

She expressed that the entire situation strained her marriage as she felt her husband, MC Price, seemed unaffected while she was struggling.

“While he continued with his usual routine, I faced criticism online. I was compared to others who had given birth around the same time, and their bodies had returned to their pre-pregnancy size. I received online backlash about my weight because no one knew about my pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. I also lost influencer opportunities due to the weight gain,” she shared.