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Inside family feud captured in ‘viral’ obituary

An obituary of the late Elizabeth Mueni Ngotho’s in the Daily Nation recently caused an online stir with Kenyans questioning whether it was intended to be humorous or an insensitive joke.

Part of the funeral announcement read, “Mueni has now reunited with her beloved father Anthony and her partner in crime Peter and they can get up to their typical mischief where they left off.”

The obituary penned by the late’s younger brother suggested all was not well in the family.

Others thought it was a cheeky way of handing the deceased a send off.

But Nairobi News after attending the burial in Machakos has established the feuds within the family with the late Mueni being entrusted with the family’s property a move the siblings were not happy with.

The deceased, a multimillionaire, had been the father’s favorite and upon his death, he left all his property.

A source who spoke in anonymity revealed that Mueni’s brother Peter had committed suicide after coming back to Kenya from his studies in the USA.

“After Ngotho realized his son did not study the course they had agreed on, a quarrel ensued. Peter wanted his father to help him set up a playstation and when he rejected the idea he took his own life.”

Having schooled in prestigious schools in Kenya, UK, Switzerland, Canada and Australia. Mueni was entrepreneurial and upon her demise was building a funeral home in Kitui.

Even though the deceased lived and enjoyed life with a big spoon; she was depressed as disclosed by a close friend of her. She died aged 46 and childless.

The late was the daughter of Anthony Athanas Ngotho the ex-government Chief Architect and designer of the infamous Nyayo House.