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Journalist Ciru Muriuki shares inspiring weight loss journey

In a remarkable display of determination and self-care, former BBC journalist Ciru Muriuki has stunned her social media followers with her incredible weight loss journey.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison photo on her Instagram account, Ciru has revealed her impressive transformation and opened up about the impact it had on her physical and mental health.

Ciru’s journey began last December when she found herself struggling with her weight and experiencing related health issues. Overwhelmed by her condition, she made a life-changing decision in February to reclaim her health and enlisted the help of the renowned weight loss clinic, Nairobi Bariatric.

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“When that pic of me was taken last Dec, I was SHOOK. I could not understand how I had gotten to that size,” Ciru said.

“Then on top of that, my health had begun to suffer. My joints hurt, and I could not go up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Let’s not even talk about my mental health. My confidence was in the toilet and I hated looking in the mirror.”

Under the guidance of Nairobi Bariatric, Ciru embarked on a transformative health journey that involved a combination of dietary changes and fitness routines. She credits the clinic’s unwavering support for her progress thus far.

“They have supported me so much during this health journey,” Ciru acknowledged gratefully. “We will have a live session this week to talk about what I got done and how it has been.”

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Throughout her journey, Ciru also received immense encouragement from her followers, including Maureen Waititu, who provided continuous support and motivation.

The inspiring story of Ciru’s weight loss journey has sparked a dialogue on social media about body image, self-acceptance and the challenges many individuals face when struggling with their weight.

Ciru encouraged her followers to share their experiences and feelings about their own weight.

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