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Karen Nyamu on her preference for a small circle of friends

Karen Nyamu has opened up about her preference for maintaining a small circle of friends during a YouTube interview on Convo’s channel.

The mother of three, who is a trained lawyer and politician, shared her perspective on friendship and explained why she values her family and her baby daddy, Samidoh, as her closest companions.

She further discussed her challenges in finding genuine and like-minded friends with whom she can confide.

She emphasized that her inner circle consists of her family, a trusted friend residing outside Kenya, Bakhita, and her partner, Samidoh.

While pointing out that her difficulty in forming close friendships stems from her desire for authenticity and shared character traits, she expressed the belief that true friendship should be built on honesty and authenticity, which she finds lacking in many interactions.

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Her introverted nature and the tendency of some individuals to approach her for personal gain further contributed to her preference for a small, trusted circle.

“My dad, my step-mum, my friend who doesn’t live in Kenya, and my man are my friends. I have never found a genuine friend who has my character traits. Someone true to themselves like me. People are different and they have different interests. A lot of women want to talk to me just to benefit. I am very introverted,” she explained.

In her view, Karen said a genuine friend should share common experiences and have a deep understanding of her background.

This connection allows for vulnerability and meaningful conversations.

Additionally, she values hardworking individuals as potential friends.

“A friend needs to have something similar. We go through similar things and people who know me from way back and understand me. A person I can be vulnerable to. They should be hardworking.”

During the interview, Karen Nyamu talked about her Foundation whose motto is to impact the less fortunate in society.