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Karen Nyamu on ‘stealing’ married Samidoh: I do as I please!

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu says she does things as she pleases after she was dissed for going to prestigious secondary school and ending up dating a married, vernacular singer.

Her clapback came in the wake of her issuing an alumni breakfast meeting invitation for women who attended Limuru Girls High School and was shaded for not living up to the reputation of the school with her infamous on-again, off-again affair with her baby daddy Samidoh, born Samuel Muchoki.

“You went to Limuru only kudate mtu wa mugithii na kuiba bwana za watu, nkt (You went to Limuru only to end up dating a Kikuyu vernacular singer and stealing people’s husbands),” said Nashon Ngolon yesterday.

Senator Karen Nyamu laughed and clapped back saying, “We do as we please. We are not inferior like you to please society.”

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This response affirms the belief that Ms Nyamu and Samidoh, who is the father of her two children, are back together after breaking up. The breakup was occasioned by an incident earlier in the year when a drunk Nyamu embarrassing herself and the singer at a concert in Dubai.

The senator and Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, who was also present, ended up fighting in the club. Nyamu thereafter announced she was walking away from Samidoh to save face.

However, the two reunited at two funerals a few weeks ago and have since been spotted together on various occasions including during their daughter’s first birthday and last Sunday at Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria’s homecoming party.

In a video shared online, Ms Nyamu and Samidoh were captured seated together drinking. Senator had Samidoh’s name written on her cheek using a felt pen.

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In prior online dramas, Nyamu endured public scorn for ruining Edday’s marriage and messing up their children. But she fired back saying she is up to the task of fighting Edday for her relationship with Samidoh because she is not a woman to be defeated.

At this time, too, it would appear that Edday and Samidoh’s marriage is on the rocks despite an earlier show of affection online. Edday announced weeks ago that she would not be part of a polygamous marriage, more so, with an “immoral woman” like Nyamu.

She also recently uploaded a video of herself singing that she was a single woman. The confusion, though, arose when Samidoh and Edday engaged in affectionate and humorous banter beneath a post Edday shared regarding a childhood experiences with punishment.

It remains to be seen if Samidoh will have his women toe the line this time around.

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