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Kenyan celebrities who have dated married men

By Mercy Simiyu December 5th, 2022 3 min read

Are you one of the people who call themselves online in-laws? Well! love is a beautiful thing. But where there is love, especially when it comes to our celebrities, there is bound to be a whole lot of scandals.

It is always such a great thing to see our celebs fall in love. And while most of them are lucky enough to have spent their “happily ever after” with their significant others, other relationships have simply had to bite the dust.

Finding Mr Right or even Mr Right Now isn’t easy. It’s especially tough when he’s already married to someone else. Still, that didn’t stop these starlets from shacking up with their beaus, whether it was a short fling or a long-term relationship.

Here are some of the Kenyan celebrities who have dated married men:

Amber Ray – Everybody knows and remembers Faith Makau, popularly known as Amber Ray. And everyone still remembers her “Real Housewives of Syokimau” from 2021.

The then ‘second wife ambassador’ publicly admitted that she was dating Jimal ‘Roho Safi’ who was then married with two children.

Amber Ray with ex-boyfriend Jimal Roho Safi. PHOTO | COURTESY

They then briefly got married, although she lived the Karma moment, with Jimal later going back to his wife. Amber Ray would later announce on social media that was single and hunting for a new catch.

Although Amber Ray’s past dating life has been a misery she is now engaged to Kennedy Rapudo and we are here for it!

Diana Marua – Singer Bahati’s wife is on recording for confessing that she was once a mpango wa kando for years.
Through her YouTube channel, the mother of three said when she met Bahati, all she wanted was to live a good life.

“I am not proud of what I did but they are facts of my life and I want to encourage someone,” she said.

Diana also said she never went broke in her twenties as she used to date men for money.

“In the past, I did some things that I am not proud of. At some point, I used to date guys for money,” she said.

Kenyan gospel artiste Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kenyan gospel artiste Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua. PHOTO | COURTESY

“This is because I lacked the whole of my life. All I wanted was to live well. I dated people for money. I dated someone who used to pay my rent, I had someone who would shop for my house and one who would buy me clothes and another one who would take me out. In my early twenties, money for me was not a problem,” she said.

But as they say, the past doesn’t define who you are. Diana is happily married to Bahati.

Karen Nyamu – Karen Nyamu started dating Mugithi singer Samidoh, who is married with kids, sometimes back, and they have a baby boy together. They are reported to have recently welcomed his second child.

Although for long Ms Nyamu kept denying knowing Samidoh was married at the beginning of their relationship, she continued being with him even after knowing he is married.

In a past interview with Radio Jambo, Ms Nyamu said she once dated a violent married politician. Something she says changed her mind about ever getting married.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh Muchoki. PHOTO | COURTESY

She said at the time she was in her early 20s and the politician was already married. She said she was working in the politician’s company and so she could not just walk out of the relationship.

“I love having children and getting a family is a good thing, but I have decided to never get married based on my experience,” she said.

Comedian Jemutai – Stella Bunei Koitie popularly known as Jemutai is another celebrity who is known for having dated a married man.

The comedian is said to have started seeing fellow comedian Prof Hamo back in 2015.

Comedian Prof Hamo and his baby mama Jemutai show off a plot of land they have bought. PIC: COURTESY
Comedian Prof Hamo and his baby mama Jemutai show off a plot of land they have bought. PIC: COURTESY

Everything was all good in their relationship until 2016 when she got pregnant with their first child and he told her that he was married.

But the relationship did not end and the two later got their second child.