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Kenyan mum laughs off her daughter’s ‘American boyfriend’ over his looks

By Winnie Mabel September 18th, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan mother continuously laughed at her daughter who sent her pictures of a man she introduced as her boyfriend from the United States of America. In the Tik Tok video by Cindy Kenya, she said it was a prank on her Taita mother to see how she would react to the new man in her life.

“Hi mummy, Shikamoo, how are you? So I’ve been meaning to tell you kwamba nimepata (I’ve gotten) boyfriend tumekuwa tukidate na tumeamua saa hii tunaweka vitu (we have been dating and we have now decided to make our relationship) serious. He is a black American, tumeamua nikuintroduce (we have agreed I introduce you) formally alafu akikuja (and then when he comes) in September, mtaonana tuagree story kama ni ya mahari, tutajua (you will meet and agree if he can bring dowry), so, nitakutumia picha, utamwona (I will send you his photo so you can see him), then you’ll tell me your thoughts,” said Cindy.

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As soon as she received the photos of the said boyfriend, the mother recorded a WhatsApp voice laughing at the ‘boyfriend’ for several minutes and ridiculing his looks for a man who lives in America.

“Bora uwe pekee yako mwanangu. Sasa hao wajukuu watafananaje? Msijaribu kutaja jina la Selina hapo. Mtu akicheka utafikiria Analia. Cha! Kuishi kwingi kuona mengi kwa kweli. My only one daughter, mwambie anendelee na kazi zake za mjengo kule Ulaya, maana huyo ni mjengaji huyo (You’re better off alone my child. Now how will my grandchildren look like? Don’t you date call any of them Selina. When he laughs you would think he is crying. To live long is to see much. My only one daughter, tell him to continue being a mason in America because he is just a construction worker),” Cindy’s mum responded while laughing hysterically.

Many people reacted to the Tik Tok video with the laugh emoji, some saying this was typical trait for Taita mothers who did not hold back in their harsh criticisms and ridicule.

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