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Kenyan woman on TikTok defends unconventional hairstyle of braiding hair with shoe laces

By Winnie Mabel January 16th, 2023 2 min read

A Kenyan woman on TikTok named was put on the defense after she unveiled a unique hairstyle in which she had braided her hair using chunky shoe laces.

In the videos seen by Nairobi News on January 16, 2023, Colletta responded to people who expressed shock and wonder at her choice of hairstyle.

“Yes, they give me comfort, I love them. They give me the feel of dreadlocks. Anyone who doesn’t believe (me)- I hope this is going to answer many people- but look that.

I actually go and do lines on my hair first and then I- not really crocheting like what those ladies do in the salon- but I have it tied in a knot to the lines I have my hair plaited in, not the usual crochet method. Yeah, I love it,” began Colletta.

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Tiktoker Atoti Nya Colletta.
Tiktoker Atoti Nya Colletta. PHOTO | COURTESY

Many wondered if she had been collecting shoe laces to braid into her hair, as others lauded her for being unique and said they would try the hairstyle too.

Others supported her quirky hairstyle, saying that people wouldn’t have been mocking and bashing her if it had been a celebrity from abroad who spotted it first. It would have become a Nairobi uniform hairstyle by now.

“That is very true. We never appreciate our own. Learn to appreciate,” added Colletta.

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Tiktoker Atoti Nya Colletta.
Tiktoker Atoti Nya Colletta. PHOTO | COURTESY

She also answered curious questions about how she sourced the shoe laces, how many she got and how much it cost her to get the hairstyle done.

“There is no way you can know the one that fits your hair. All I know is that I just went there and purchased one pack at a wholesale that has 100 pairs- 200 strands and it was enough. Maybe it remained a few strands, and it was enough for half of my head because I had done a haircut halfway.

So if you have a full head of hair, maybe you should get 400 strands. This can only be a hairstyle for people who have haircuts. Shoelaces are not heavy, but I can only imagine if you have them on your head- it’s going to be a little tricky unless you try.

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Tiktoker Atoti Nya Colletta.
Tiktoker Atoti Nya Colletta. PHOTO | COURTESY

Sometimes they can be stressful, especially when I want to put them in a shower cap with my half-head haircut so I can imagine someone plaiting them on a full head of hair. The hairstyle can only be fun if you have a haircut like mine,” added Colletta.

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