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Kiambu family appeal to police for help after son disappears for 8 months

A family in Kiambu County has appealed to Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome to help them find their relative who has been missing for almost eight months.

According to the family, efforts to trace the whereabouts of Stephen Mutini Karuku, 36, have been unsuccessful.

The relative was reported missing in July last year. On the day he went missing, he was in Thika with his brother, Mr Robert Gatimu, where Karuku had gone for medical treatment at a local hospital.

The family member continued that on the way, Mr Karuku visited a barber shop, and when he was done, he tried to call his brother, but the call did not go through.

“His phone rang for a few minutes and then stopped. We even tried to trace his phone but to no avail.

That evening, his car was spotted near the town of Tetu, abandoned with its windows smashed.

“We found the car’s radio broken, but everything else was intact. My brother was not there.

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What worries the family is how the police, who were later alerted to the vehicle, were able to get hold of the missing relative’s mobile phone.

“How did the police get the phone if they had nothing to do with my brother?”

The phone indicated that the money in his M-Pesa account had been withdrawn.

The matter has been reported and is still ongoing as the family hopes to find Mr Karuku.

“We are almost giving up. Our brother was abducted and we are still wondering what to do. We want our brother back. We have suffered for a long time.

Later, the family said the suspects who allegedly took the money had been arrested and charged.

“When we asked the Ruiru DCI, he said the file on the police officers who abducted my brother and even allowed the fraudsters to access his M-Pesa account was already with the DPP. That was almost a year ago,” he said.

The latest information the family has received from the DPP through a source shows that the file submitted by the DCI is flawed as it contains incomplete information.

“The file has been sent back to the police to investigate some grey areas. We have not heard back from them.

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