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Controversial author Kingwa Kamencu bears it all in bathtub semi-nudes

By NAIRA HABIB November 19th, 2018 1 min read

Controversial Kenyan author Kingwa Kamencu is at it again and this time she is serving her fans with semi-nude pictures of herself.

Kingwa, who is always vocal on matters sexuality, posted pictures of herself in the nude in a bathroom, with only a loosely draped white towel partially covering her nudity.

In the photos, she seems to be taking selfies from the bathroom mirror.


In one of the photos, she strikes a sideways pose to give a fans a good view of her exposed thighs and butt.

“Look how pretty my natural hair looks when it’s wet. It’s also grown in length and become quite thick and full of body,” she captioned the photos.


This is not the first time Kingwa, who once haboured an ambition to run for president, is flaunting her nudity.

Last year she stripped naked in a TV series titled Madame President.

In the series, she appears completely naked on set and performs her role for four minutes.