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KOT left clueless by Fijian prime minister’s wardrobe choice

Kenyans on Twitter on Wednesday were caught up in a blonde moment unable to figure out Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama dress code.

Mr Bainimarama is in the country for the UN-Habitat conference in Nairobi.

On Tuesday, he made a tour of the affordable housing project site in Ngara.

KOT seemed dumbfounded by the Prime Minister’s attire. He wore a sulu suit, a popular attire among his countrymen.

The Sulu is regarded as Fiji’s national dress and is seen as an expression of ethnic Fijian identity. It is a kilt-like garment worn by both men and women in Fiji. Women Sulus are known as Sulu-i-ra.

The cloth comes in varying lengths from below-knee to ankle-length.

Traditionally they were fastened by tying at the waist. However the modern man may use buckles.

Here is what Kenyans on Twitter thought of the attire.

“Mbona amevaa skirt?” asked @obnoxiouskisii.

“Hii ndio skirt suit Aaaaah,” said @njogu.

“Namna gani hapa!” wrote @Lawi_Makori.