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Ladies, eight reasons you will not meet Mr Right on a dating site this weekend

The internet has definitely made dating easier. It however may not be the most perfect venue for that woman who is seeking for a man to settle down with. Here’s why:

1. No commitment or desperation – You are likely to meet two types of men on these sites. The first is the man who is only looking for a good time. The second is a desperate man who will take anyone who will have him. This man doesn’t make for a good husband. The former are found on the free sites while the latter will mostly be found on the paid sites.

2. You might get a stalker – Yes, you may go online thinking that you will come out on the other side with a partner but all you get out of it is a stalker. They are swarming out there. Some wanting to use you while others are looking to dip their fingers in your coin purse.

3. There is no chauvinism on the internet – Being on an online dating site allows a man to hide behind the computer. This means that he can easily drop that good guy act. A lot of the men you get into contact with online will be very crude. This is definitely not a characteristic of Mr Right.

4. It is shallow – When you meet a man physically, you have the opportunity to judge him all round. On a dating site, all you have is a photograph and a bio that you are not even sure is true. With this options, you will find yourself settling for either the best looking man or the one who says the grandest things about himself. This is shallow.

5. It is a lot harder than it looks – Finding love online is as easy as just uploading a picture and waiting for Mr Right to inbox you, right? Well, not quite. It is hours spent online going through profiles and sifting through messages. There are also no guarantees. It might just be easier to go out and meet someone.

6. Only part impressions – If you go to a dating site, you will only get part of the impressions of the men there. Unlike face to face interactions where you can pick up things about them, everyone on a dating site is putting up appearances. If you fall for man, you will not have seen who he truly is.

7. There’s no spontaneity – When you go to look for Mr Right on a dating site, you will be missing out on that fun and spontaneous part of a relationship. It may look like nothing but this really is an important part of a relationship.

8. Unrealistic expectations – When you communicate with someone online, you are likely to build very high expectations of them. When you finally meet them, you are more likely than not to get disappointed.