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Langata One: Reactions change after Jalango is named MP-elect

August 12th, 2022 2 min read

MP-elect for Langata constituency Phelix Odiwour alias Jalango is celebrating his win.

This is his maiden attempt at politics and it has not been a smooth ride.

A day before he was announced the winner, netizens mocked him using memes claiming he had lost.

Only for the tide to change and his opponent Nixon Korir to concede.

The only visible celebrity who stood by him was Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien Aime Barasa.

He tweeted on August 10, a day before he was announced the MP-elect.
“Congratulations @JalangoMwenyewe no guts no glory.”

Now, KOT is awash with congratulatory messages from all quarters.

In his maiden speech, Jalango – who now prefers being addressed as Langata One – said, “We don’t want to leave anyone out, this thing is not about us it is about Langata.”

Commenting on Nick Korir’s decision to concede, Jalango said, “It is always good to have mature leaders like him and we appreciate him for that because that selflessness is the reason we have peaceful moments here.”

Here are some congratulatory messages from his fellow celebrities.

Kamene Goro: My Brother did it!!!!!!!! @jalangoo congratulations, Greatness is your Portion!!!! Mheshimiwa!!!!! Ah!!!!!

Bettymuteikyallo: A big congratulations to my brother, heavy J I knew you would do it. I am so proud of you, you went for it. Congrats bro! you have shown us that it can be done.

Murugi Munyi: Well wow!! Look at that!

ogaobinna: Zoea Mhesh Wako MAPEEEMAAAA!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥FROM THE VILLAGE WITH NOTHING BUT AMBITION!! HARD WORK, RESILIENCE, AND A PLAN!!!Congratulations my Big BRO!!🤟🙏🏾LANGATA 1.@jalangoo

AkotheeKenya: MY PROMOTER WHO PAYS ME millions for his LUO FESTIVAL And treat me the way Artist should be treated without negotiating.
I have always wanted to have a man who wakes up at 5.00 am and goes to bed late. A man who does his things his own way knows no inheritance nor favours.
A man who has himself against the world. The go-getter, the winner, and a fighter. The vision bearer.

I looked at Jalang’o during campaigns and I could see the weight on his shoulders aah osiepnani😍Youths should learn from you I am one of your proud friends, 👏

Alex Mwakideu: Congratulations Mhesh! @jalangooSo proud of you my brother! Na bado… #Langata1 #UtuNaWatu #MunguMbele 🙏🏾

EricOmondi: CONGRATULATIONS Bro!!! Well in. Sasa tupitishe 75% Next week, tusaidie hawa Vijana juu wameshindwa kujisaidia. @jalangoo.