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Last moments: Abel Mutua’s brother shares insights into Rapho’s final hours

Jesse Mwethuku, widely known as Lukubaridii and the brother of renowned actor Abel Mutua, has opened up about the final moments of his younger brother, Raphael Mbuvi Musyoka, affectionately nicknamed Rapho, who breathed his last in December 2023.

Lukubaridii’s vulnerable post reflects on Rapho’s life and his departure, offering a glimpse into the complex dynamics of their relationship.

In a heartfelt message on social media, Lukubaridii expressed both grief and reflection on his brother’s passing. “Waah Rapho. Walai my G. In your next life, usiwaipiga biz umepiga. We ni mtu bana tumekula noma kwani unasahau breakfast ilkua chai na sembe. Sasa sa zile tunataka kuomoka tukule sausage unafanya biashara gani G. Manze umeniacha kwa noma mbaya…ule mse ulihangaika na yeye maisha basic inasemekana Jo nilikuwachilia G,” he wrote.

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This translates to, “Wow, Rapho. Seriously, my G. In your next life, don’t do what you have just done. We’ve been through a lot. Do you forget that breakfast was tea and ugali? Now, at this time when we’re trying to make it so we can now eat sausages, you do this. You’ve left me in a tough situation… that guy you struggled with in life is now being accused of not caring for you.”

Without delving into specific details, Jesse revealed a poignant discovery: a stopwatch found in Rapho’s pocket, suggesting he had set the alarm to plan his last moments.

Siku nilikuchukua ushago kama umededi nilipata stopwatch kwa mfuko wako. Yaani umeweka alarm ikuamshe ndo ukafanye kitu uliduu. (The day I picked your body up, I found a stopwatch in your pocket. I mean, you set an alarm to wake you up so you could do this!” Lukubaridii shared.

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Addressing accusations of violence towards his late brother, Lukubaridii clarified that physical confrontations only occurred when Raphael exceeded bounds.

“So for violence, I admit! But it was to correct Raphael’s wrongs as his second parent,” Lukubaridii wrote in self-defence.

Abel Mutua, amidst expressing gratitude for the support from fans, pledged to share Rapho’s story, aiming to shed light on his struggles and ensure his death serves a purpose.

“I’ll tell Rapho’s story because it will save someone, and his death will not be in vain,” Abel affirmed.