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List of movies that Hollywood’s Invention Studios are working on

By Winnie Onyando February 18th, 2024 2 min read

The government has reiterated its commitment to forging strategic partnerships to propel the Kenyan creative economy with international entities, with a recent focus on collaborations with the renowned Invention Studios of Los Angeles.

Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Creative Economy, and Sports, Ababu Namwamba, who was speaking when he hosted Invention Studios, CEO, Nicholas Weinstock, at the Talanta Hela Plaza on February 13, 2024, said that his ministry is deliberate in consolidating the creative space to create a vibrant and productive industry that benefits both the creatives and the economy.

Besides the agreement with the Invention studios to spur Kenya’s film sector, the CS said that the Ministry has also forged collaborations with China, the American Grammys, and South Africa to advance the Creative Economy and sports agenda.

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Nairobi News did a spot check and found a list of current projects underway at Invention Studios, particularly in the realm of film production. The findings shed light on three intriguing movies in development.

The first movie, entitled “Epic Fail,” embarked on its production journey in 2014. The synopsis of the comedy offers a glimpse into the plot, revolving around an elite yet unorthodox special forces team on a mission to save America.

Led by a character described as “The Walrus,” portrayed by acclaimed actor Ed Helms, the film promises a blend of dysfunction and excessive firepower. Joining Helms are notable talents such as Mike Arnold, Chris Poole, and Michael Falbo.

The second movie, “Playdate,” features a screenplay by Tim Hill, known for his work on “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” and “Oh Heavenly Dog.” While details regarding the cast and production timeline remain scarce, Hill’s involvement suggests a project brimming with potential for both entertainment and critical acclaim. The film is categorised under the family genre and started production in 2012.

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Lastly, “Spitfire” presents an intriguing narrative centred around Louise Smith, a charismatic woman leading a group of barnstormers and former bootleggers across the country. Their aim? To generate interest in a burgeoning professional racing tour under the guidance of Florida businessman and former driver, Bill France Sr. Smith’s character epitomizes resilience and determination as she challenges gender norms in pursuit of her racing dreams.

The film’s plot culminates with her triumphant race at the legendary Daytona Beach road course, contributing to the early success of what would evolve into the multi-billion-dollar sports empire, NASCAR.

The collaboration between the Kenyan government and Invention Studios signifies a significant step towards fostering the growth and international visibility of Kenya’s Creative Economy.

The CS further observed that the agreement/partnership signed with the Invention Studios covers various aspects but is not limited to; creative development, skills capacity development, international talent resources, distribution, and exchange programs.

On his part, Nicholas Weinstock said that Invention Studios is keen to support Kenya’s rise to the global entertainment scene through the production, exhibition & distribution of elite films.

“We are excited about this partnership and our commitment is to develop and promote films that tell the Kenyan stories,” Mr Weinstock said.

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