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Makena’s thoughts on getting pregnant

Bold Network CEO Makena Njeri has shared her thoughts on carrying a pregnancy, saying that when the right time comes she would love to get pregnant.

Makena made the revelation during a Q&A session when one of her fans on Instagram asked: “Would you as a stud handle a pregnancy? Having settled with a girl and you are to start a family?”

To which Makena responded: “Remember I want to have a family so when the right comes I will definitely be able to handle this.”

The media personality has previously spoken about her interest in building her own family, saying she plans to have kids in the future.

“I will definitely want to be a parent in the future and am absolutely excited to be a parent and everybody who knows me, knows how I love kids. Am just preparing to raise them and teach them how to love everybody and to be in this world that is getting crazier by the day,” Makena said.

Speaking to a local station barely a month ago, Makena disclosed the qualities she wants in a partner.

“I would want someone who has a good head over their shoulder (be intelligent and good at decision making), be very focused about what they do and be ready to commit, and someone who can love openly and boldly,” she said.

The LGBTQ activist also stated that at the moment she is only focused on building her company.

“I am very single and focusing on my company. I want my life experiences to be able to open up spaces for confidence and boldness for other people in the queer community to love loudly and proudly if you can,” she said.