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Mammito: I’m insecure in relationships, can’t date older men

Eunice Wanjiru Njoki, better known as Mammito, has explained the effects of being raised by a single mother.

In the past, Mammito has also spoken about being raised by a strict parent.

Because life in the Kibera slums was challenging, her mother was a strict disciplinarian and did not allow her to play with the children in the neighbourhood.

In a recent viral video where she entertained a crowd, Mammito said that being raised by a single mother made her insecure in relationships.

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The talented comedian went on to reveal that she had never met her father, which worried her even more.

She said she does not know what it feels like to have a father figure.

She said she is triggered when a man asks her who her dad is.

“Because you know when I go out and you do it with this guy and I do seven ways to satisfy a man.

So I am there and then he is like, who is your daddy? I’m like, I don’t know him, why are you asking me that?

Ati call me daddy, what do you know about my dad? I have never met him.

Who is he? Do you know him? I heard maybe his name is Mathew, but you’re 30, you can’t be my daddy,” Mammito told her fans amid laughter.

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Mammito said she is currently single after her relationship with Butita broke down.

“I have no man in my life. I am single and any single man who is interested can hit my DM,” she told Kameme TV five months ago.

Mammito was then asked what happened to her relationship with the comedian.

She replied that she had become beautiful after the relationship ended.

“I have God and I want to be with God’s love.”

Butita has never addressed the break-up.

In the viral reel video on Mammito’s Instagram page, she also said she does not date older men because she is afraid she will end up with her blood relative.

“I will think [this realtionship is deep] it’s a connection kumbe it’s my blood [relative],” she said.

Mammito was one of the Kenyan content creators, actors and media personalities recently invited to Shondaland’s Queen Charlotte’s event hosted by Netflix in Cape Town.

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