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Man charged with injuring lover’s husband

A man who allegedly dragged down his lover’s husband before hitting him with a metal rod was charged with causing him grievous injuries.

Victor Mwenda Luti allegedly injured a city businessman after he found him outside his house in Nairobi’s Spring Valley estate.

He is accused of causing serious injuries to Barasa along Shanzu Road in Westlands, Nairobi, on May 22.

Luti had parked his official car – KCR 498W – a double-cabin pickup truck outside Barasa’s home before he arrived. The businessman knew the suspect had an affair with his wife.

On arrival, Barasa confronted Luti and attempted to open his car but Luti drove off for nearly 300 metres dragging him down along the road as he held on to the door.

Luti later stopped abruptly and picked a piece of metal rod that he allegedly used to hit Barasa who had fallen down.

He is said to have sustained injuries on the head and hands that suffered bruises.

Luti denied the charges before senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke of Kibera law courts.

He was freed on a surety bond of Sh200,000 and an alternative cash bail of Sh80,000.

The case will be mentioned on June 26.