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Melina Gold mocks artistes who pay stylists Ksh 5,000

By Freya Wanjiku October 27th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan fashion designer and CEO Melina Gold has bashed local celebrities for not investing in their art.

In two Insta-story posts, the pretty Instagram sensation accused the artistes of not paying stylists well.

In the rant, she wrote, “Aaaand they’ll demand some high-quality s**t and expect to pay peanuts. You wonder if the video is yours or for the artists.

Yoo, I always say don’t call me if you don’t have money to invest in quality stuff that benefits you. I’d rather stay without dressing local celebrities than lowering my standards.”

“Someone will call me, ‘Can you please dress me for my video?’ I’m like when is it? Bila aibu ati leo ama kesho. And y’all expect results!! Y’all are competing with Nigerians, and Tanzanians. You have got a long way to go,” she said.

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She was responding to a post by Lockey Willis King on Instagram who wrote, “Some Kenyan artists will always fail, reason, poor planning of their music career.

Yaani already you have an audio from two months ago. Planning to shoot later, you look for video vixens and stylists on the day of shooting your music video? Being an artist is expensive, and if you cannot spend on your music, sing in your shower. Let’s try to be professional bana.

Free advice, if you have a music video to shoot, take time, even if it’s six months, panga kipindi ndio sisi mafans tukiona itubambe. (Work well on your projects so that your fans can appreciate your hand work) Rome was not made in a day.”

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In a different post, Melina urged stylists not to accept less money for their work.

“Stylists why are you dressing artistes with Ksh 5, ooo. 5,000!! If you pay for a taxi to and from and eat lunch from that Ksh 5,000 are you left with a coin? So how do you dress someone and unakubali kulipwa 5k?” she asked.

Just two days ago, she gave her uncensored opinion on the fashion sense that Kenyan celebrities showcase at award events.

Expressing her displeasure with the type of outfits that most content creators and influencers don to red-carpet events, the entrepreneur took to her Instagram stories to firmly criticize how Kenyan celebrities fail to step up their fashion game during events that see a section of them get recognized for their achievements.

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