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WATCH-Moji Shortbaba: My favorite TikToker could get me in trouble with Christians

By Winnie Mabel February 2nd, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan gospel musician Moji Shortbaba, born James Muhia, has spoken about his social media use when he is not writing and producing songs or working.

In an interview with Nairobi News, the artiste revealed that he enjoys watching YouTube videos to pass time and unwind when he is neither hanging out with his wife, Nyawira Gachugi, nor with his close friends. He also enjoys whiling away time on TikTok where he said he is a heavy user.

“I have a favorite YouTube channel. If it was a person, maybe Casey Neistat. If it’s a channel, maybe Vox because of the mini documentaries and all that. I am also on TikTok, heavily. Off the top of my head right now, my favorite TikToker has to be Rono. Like if I was really honest – and I know some Christians can come at me because sometimes she goes crazy – but really, she’s really hilarious. She’s just there like… Rono is at the top of the list right now,” said Moji.

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Chebet Rono is a Kenyan influencer, popular YouTuber and a comedienne. It was her Instagram comedic content that propelled her to the limelight, touching on unexpected topics using hilarious social commentary. She gained massive following and was soon turned into a media personality when she landed a job with a popular station.

Her online content and personal life featured high levels of pleasure-seeking and wantonness that often landed her in trouble in the past. Over the years, however, she has gotten her life back on track and now releases content on various themes including illuminati, woke friends being extra, twerking for kidnappers so that they can release you, her glowing up into a sexy woman, her rapping to Nicki Minaj, massive weight loss, being a Karen (bothersome woman creating a scene where unnecessary) and mocking Caucasians visiting Kenya among others.

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Some of her TikTok content included vulgar language and her dressing in provocative fashion.

Additionally, Moji Shortbaba said he won’t reveal who his past celebrity crush was because he does not want to break up his marriage.

“I don’t have! I think all celebrities are beautifully and wonderfully made. I had one a long time ago but let me not shake it up,” laughed Moji.

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