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How Moji Shortbaba deals with women thirsting after him in his DMs

By Winnie Mabel January 27th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan gospel singer Moji Shortbaba, born James Muhia, spoke to Nairobi News, revealing how he deals with peculiar direct messages (DMs) on his social media platforms from people who like targeting celebrities.

“I get weird DMs. It’s hard to remember some of them, but I get those ones where someone gets straight to the point, like ‘I want a song with you,’ and I wonder how this person can just come at me without even greeting me first.

Or maybe buy me some tea first. Some people come in and just straight request, no pleasantries at all- I think those are the weirdest ones.

Of course, others are funny. Others are spam mail or from guys who just come and tell you anything,” began Moji.

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On dealing with women thirsting for him in the DMs, he said many of them are camping in his DMs.

“They come, but I think depending on how you carry yourself, people sometimes either don’t come directly or they come pole pole (slowly), they start with like, ‘Oh my God, I love your song,’ and then later you begin wondering and realize she is hitting on you.

So, I get them directly but they are not so common because I carry myself in a way that shows I am not a lady’s man. You know there are guys who are trying to be one online.

They’ve decided to bait people by setting themselves up to attract these women. So I do get some of those DMs, but they come indirectly,” explained Moji.

He also said he found it impolite to not reply to his DMs, especially when a fan told him they liked his songs but as soon as he realizes that a conversation is beginning to go into murky waters, especially when they begin using emojis associated with flirting, he tells the people that “he is not down like that, God bless.”

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“I just know when to disappear from having those conversations because I see that this one was not about the music. There are genuine people who tell me ‘thank you for the music, this is what I want and I wanted to reach out to you because of this’ and it ends at that. But others want to push the conversation and that’s where you stop it.” Moji added.

Nairobi News previously reported that Moji married his wife, Nyawira Gachugi, in May 2021 after three years of dating and that he was leading a happy life with her.

“I’ve lived with people, with family and other relatives but I’ve never lived with another human like with her. And we like it. It has its up and downs but I think all the ups and downs that come with marriage makes me a better person,” said Moji.

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