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Month of love: Guitarist ‘Mr Loverman’ serenades campus girl with love ballad

By Sammy Waweru February 4th, 2023 2 min read

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, how far can a man go to win over the object of his affection? That is if he doesn’t subscribe to the Men’s Conference ideologies.

Well, one man chose to do it in a very unique way by showing up unannounced at his fiancée’s doorstep with a guitar strapped over his shoulder to serenade her with a love ballad.

In a video that went viral early this week, the love-stricken man is seen standing at the doorstep of what appears to be a hostel room, singing melodiously to the ‘beat of his heart.’

Although details of the place where the romantic rendezvous took place remains unknown, it is has been reported that the guy decided to surprise his girlfriend in one campus ladies hostels.

In the video the woman is seem leaning on the edge of the door, apparently smitten by the jovial guitarist. The lyrics of the song too paint a picture of a man who is truly in love, as he matches his voice with the guitar’s tunes.

“My baby girl…” goes the song.

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The 30-second video also captures other female students delightfully looking on from the doors of their respective rooms.

The post has since elicited mixed reactions, as some netizens analysed the situation, with some even suggesting the guy be banned from attending this year’s Men’s Conference.

“Ninja has decided to surprise his girlfriend with a guitar at campus ladies hostel. His application for the men’s conference to be reviewed,” one internet user, Lemiso Sato Emmanuel said on Facebook.

“I heard this is Kabarak, his application should be reviewed and rejected ASAP,” said Kipchoror Kiplagat.

“Men! Men! Hizi ni gani? I think we agreed that we shall be proposing with a serious pregnancy! It seems you misplaced your notes,” Evans Nabwayo Otundo wrote.

“And the rest of the ladies are recording while laughing…There’s something they know the Nigga doesn’t know…” Brian Ambetsa commented.

“Security officers be alert this guy should not even look at the gate,” cautioned Senetor Legends Samoei.

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Valentine’s Day, celebrated globally on February 14 every year, is day for those who ascribe to it to show and spread love to significant people in their lives, more so those that they are romantically involved with.

But here in Kenya, Valentine’s Day has in recent years come under serious “threat” from the infamous Men’s Conference which is also marked on the same day every year. The conference provides a platform for male chauvinists to deliberate on issues affecting the boychild.

Preparations for this year’s conference are already in top gear under the leadership of veteran journalist Stephen Letoo, who is also the self-declared polygamous chair.

According to Letoo, men from across the country will congregate at Carnivore grounds in Nairobi for this year’s conference.

Previously, the Men’s Conference was organized by wealthy Uasin County by businessman and farmer, Mr Jackson Kibor, who is now deceased.

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