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Murang’a women up in arms over mysterious underwear theft

Residents of Mbiri Ward in Murang’a have decried the increased theft of inner wears which are later recovered in the bush with some parts missing.

The locals who are apprehensive that the weird acts could be linked to witchcraft have called on police to investigate the matter and arrest those breaking into their houses to only steal their inner wear leaving money and other valuables untouched.

According to some of the victims, the incidents have been going on for some months now forcing them to report to authorities for action.

“They have stolen about 30 of my panties and this has caused havoc in my family. We feel that the matter is connected to witchcraft where witch-doctors have contracted some youth to only steal used women bras and panties to advance their work,” Millicent Wangui, a victim said.

The victims claim that the inner wear could be used by witch-doctors to break their marriages or make them barren.


“We feel that they are only interested in the inner most parts of the underwear and could be using them to advance their witchcraft agenda and compromise our ability to have children or even lead to marriage breakups,’ Ms Wangui said.

Mr John Irungu, whose wife has fallen victim, said she had washed her under wear and had hung them on a line but they were missing following day.

Area Chief David Gachanja confirmed the matter saying the police have launched investigations to establish the people behind the weird theft.