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Nairobi woman narrates how she was ‘drugged by touch’

Looks like criminals behind cases of drugging in Nairobi have devised new methods entrapping their victims, with touch now being their most preferred technique.

This after one woman shared her experience recently in Nairobi’s CBD after what she claims was being drugged by mere touch. Luckily, she got away before any harm was done to her. 

The woman, whose name of Lydia Wanjiru, is a content creator on TikTok and YouTube. In a video, she narrated how she was approached by a woman along Tom Mboya Street who was acting frail and pretending to be in need of help. The woman ended up touching her with a substance that left her feeling dizzy.

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When she turned back she saw the destitute woman keeping a close look at her. She then realized that she had been touched by a substance that was meant to knock her out in an instant.

“When I felt her firm grip on my arm, I quickly pulled it back and just after two steps, I started feeling dizzy. I stood for a second and when I looked back, I saw this woman looking at me and it hit me that she was trying to rob me. I walked faster along the street, and by luck, I met a hawker who recognized me and I quickly approached him and told him that I had been drugged,” she narrated.

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She revealed that inside her backpack she had a laptop, phone and money which she suspected was her assaulter’s target. 

“He offered me a sit and bought me some water. I held my bag so tightly because in it was my laptop, phone, and money. I started worrying about how I would get home, but by luck, a colleague of mine passed by and recognized me, and took me to the stage,” she concluded. 

Initially, what was known to be the most common method of drugging people in public places was by sniffing a piece of cloth or a hand laced with a drug. Such incidents, which are common in crowded spaces, have been shared widely by the victims on social media. 

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