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Nairobi workers accuse Sakaja of neglect, threaten to strike

Nairobi County employees have threatened to down their tools if a series of demands they placed on Governor Johnson Sakaja’s desk are not met.

In a press address on Tuesday led by their branch assistant secretary Festus Ngari, the workers said that their issues have been pending since the county boss took over the office.

Mr Ngari said that the workers union is about to lose hope with the administration of the governor which has been taking them around through quarterly meetings, including the one that took place on Tuesday morning.

“We were only shocked when we arrived today for the meeting and we waited for the CBA to be delivered by the governor and it was not delivered. Apart from CBA, we have observed other areas that the workers have been given promises and these promises have not materialized,” Mr Ngari said.

The workers said that promotion in the county has not been done after many years yet some of them have attained more experience and qualifications.

“Workers who have had enough experience to enable them to move from one junior level to a higher senior level, it has not been handled.”

According to them, the County Public Service Board had responded that paperwork is what has delayed their promotion.

“Verification exercise by an employer should not be in any way an impediment for an employee who qualifies to move in the path of career growth. We are demanding that within the shortest time possible, the career path should be very well defined for our members to continue being productive.”

On the medical cover, the employees said that they have been having unstable coverage while those who recently joined them from the defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) are being converted.

Mr Ngari further said that the revised 2012 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) was to address the issue of terms and conditions of employees within the county as well as solve the problem of having three payrolls with one employer.

“There is a payroll of the defunct, payroll of devolved and the payroll of the SRC. As a trade union, we must demand unequivocally that we need employees to be paid equal pay for work of equal value.”

They have asked the governor to ensure that all the employees are covered even as the issue of pending bills inherited from the defunct NMS continues to be addressed.

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