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Nandy’s husband Billnass clarifies paternity claims in Hamisa Mobetto’s son’s controversy

Tanzanian singer Billnass has taken a bold step to set the records straight, vehemently denying speculations that he is the father of Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto’s son.

In an interview with Tanzanian bloggers, Billnass clarified his relationship with Hamisa and refuted claims of paternity.

“Linking me to Hamisa’s son is like seeing an airplane and starting to say that it is mine. You do not even have any connection with that. I have never been in a relationship with Hamisa. I am not denying her, but I have never dated her,” Billnass emphatically stated during the interview.

The singer went on to emphasize that his connection with Hamisa was solely that of friendship. “I respect our friendship. She is a businesswoman, and we are in the same industry. We used to talk, but we no longer talk.”

Addressing the impact of the rumors on his personal life, including his marriage to fellow musician Nandy, Billnass assured that his wife was unfazed by the speculations.

“She is okay with it. She knows I did not date Hamisa. Hamisa is still friends with my wife.”

In response to questions about whether he had conducted a DNA test to confirm the child’s paternity, Billnass clarified:

“I have never done DNA for Hamisa’s child. I am a parent, and I would never deny my blood. A mother is always the one who knows who is the father of her child.”

Billnass strongly condemned the spread of such claims, categorizing them as mere fake news.

Furthermore, he expressed his conviction that Diamond Platnumz is the rightful father of Hamisa’s son, dispelling rumors that had circulated since August 2022 questioning Diamond’s paternity.

On November 4, Mzee Abdul, Diamond Platnumz’s father affirmed that Dylan is, indeed, Diamond’s son.

“I was present at the time of Dylan’s birth, and I can confidently confirm that he is Diamond’s son. Let’s not get caught up in stories for which we have no evidence. We shouldn’t lend an ear to outsiders. I am absolutely certain he is Diamond’s son.”

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