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Narco queen: Clandestine owner of Ngara’s bhang den on the run

The elusive figure of  Nancy Indoverie Kizungu, known by the moniker “Mathe” within her customer circle, is now on the run after being implicated as a key player in the alleged illegal distribution of bhang in Ngara, Nairobi County.

Kizungu, a reputed bhang seller, has reportedly operated within Ngara for several years, establishing herself as a prominent and elusive figure within the narcotics trade.

The spotlight turned to Kizungu when investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrested her associate, Teresia Wanjiru, on Tuesday, August 15.

The raid, which took place in the slums of Karuia within the Ngara neighborhood, targeted Wanjiru and led authorities to believe that she was operating under the direction of Kizungu.

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According to a senior DCI official who spoke in confidence with this reporter, Wanjiru’s arrest revealed the extent of Kizungu’s influence and notoriety.

“Ms Kizungu is the real deal, those that were nabbed during the raid are just her workers,” the officer who spoke in confidence to this reporter as he is not authorised to address the media, told Nairobi News.

The same source also highlighted Kizungu’s considerable sway, even asserting that her influence was capable of causing the transfer of any law enforcement officer who dared to cross her path.

Kizungu’s power base reportedly extended to several police stations, including Pangani Police Station, Central Police Station, Kamkunji Police Station, and Gigiri Police Station.

These officers were purportedly apprehensive about confronting her due to her alleged connections and protection from influential individuals.

Kizungu’s ability to remain informed about activities in her vicinity further illustrated her influence. She reportedly had informants who would alert her to any unknown or suspicious individuals present in her operational area.

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Furthermore, investigations by Nairobi News uncovered Kizungu’s use of both connections and financial means to expand her business and exert control over her surroundings.

In 2018, she allegedly displaced a woman who sold snacks and food items in her area of operation, forcibly taking over the space for her activities.

In a previous legal encounter in 2022, Kizungu was arraigned at Kahawa Law Courts and subsequently released on a cash bail of Sh525,000.

During the most recent law enforcement operation, officers raided her premises and managed to seize significant quantities of illicit goods.

The seized items included Sh13.4 million in cash, four cartons of rolling materials, 173 packaged sweets, and a carton of suspected weed cookies.

As authorities intensify their efforts to apprehend Ms. Kizungu, her ability to elude capture raises questions about the extent of her alleged connections and influence within the criminal landscape.

The ongoing investigation aims to dismantle her alleged network and bring her to justice.

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