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Finger Of God’s Joseph Hellon: How I was involved in Esther Arunga media success

Renowned preacher and musician Joseph Hellon, known for his association with the ‘Finger of God’ church, has opened up about the turbulent times his church faced in 2010 when former KTN anchor Esther Arunga left her job to become fully engaged in his ministry.

In a recent interview on the Iko Nini Podcast addressed inquiries about accountability for Esther Arunga’s unfortunate trajectory during her time in his church.

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Hellon maintained that attributing the actions of one person to the entire congregation is unfair.

“If one individual faces challenges within a church, it’s unjust to label the entire community negatively,” he asserted.

“To suggest that Esther Arunga wouldn’t have faced difficulties if she hadn’t joined our church is akin to saying hospitals shouldn’t have morgues.”

“Quincy, Timberlake formerly known as Joginder Singh, was once my desk companion and neighbor; although he later changed his name for personal reasons, we reconnected through Facebook,” Hellon narrated.

He also explained the role he played in Esther Arunga’s media success journey, revealing that she was his maternal cousin.

“I was providing training to Esther Arunga during her time as a business news presenter, as I also have a background in coaching.

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She was already a member of our ministry. Our collaboration went beyond spiritual matters – we were business partners and also shared a maternal cousin relationship. I was involved in various aspects of her media success, including her weight loss journey and training her how to pronounce some words,” Hellon said.

“Out of the multiple marriages I officiated, Esther Arunga’s and two others were the only ones that did not stand the test of time,” he added.

Hellon also staunchly stood by his actions, emphasizing that his role as a mentor goes far beyond an individual case.

“Why focus solely on Esther? Let me be open about this – I have mentored numerous individuals, and you might be surprised to learn that one of them is none other than the royal voice, Johnson Mwakazi,” Hellon revealed.

Hellon also provided insights into the challenges he faced during that period and compared his experiences to those of cult leader Pastor Mackenzie, who has been in the spotlight due to recent controversies.

Hellon contrasted his own situation with that of Pastor Mackenzie, highlighting the duration and intensity of the media coverage.

“Mackenzie’s matter was big for a few weeks. My case was big for one and a half years. It was ‘the leader’ of the cult, then other news would follow,” Hellon stated.

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However, he refrained from comparing the suffering of one individual to another, asserting that the government needs to prioritize thorough investigations before making arrests.

“My opinion is this, our government has been shoddy in investigations, they rush to arrest. They need to investigate someone before detaining. At least take six months to do your investigations.”

Hellon also delved into his music career, specifically his involvement in Jazz music.

Addressing his pricing strategy for Jazz music shows, he defended the higher charges by explaining that true enthusiasts of the genre are willing to pay regardless of the cost.

“I find some people so stupid. Like now, some people are complaining about Sauti Sol charging sh20k. Let Sauti Sol even charge even 50k for a single show. They are so good at what they do. They could even charge sh100k and the show would still be successful,” Hellon said.

Praising Sauti Sol, one of Kenya’s most prominent music groups, Hellon recognized their journey from humble beginnings to their current success.

He recalled working with Bien, in the early days when they were starting out.

Hellon commended their dedication and hard work that have brought them to their current status.

He further supported Sauti Sol’s decision to charge sh20k for an upcoming show, asserting that their talent and reputation justify the pricing.

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