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Nasa Govt will punish Joho for ‘forging’ KCSE certificate – Hassan Omar


Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar launched a scathing attack on his gubernatorial seat rival Hassan Joho saying the National Super Alliance will probe his certificate if it wins August polls.

The Wiper Democratic Party secretary general said Nasa government will prosecute Mr Joho following claims he forged his Form IV certificate to join University of Nairobi.

Addressing journalists in Mombasa, the vocal senator who has no love lost with his Nasa colleague, Mr Joho, said there is “enough” evidence to charge the governor.

“All alleged travesties by Governor Joho and more particularly the forgery of his KCSE certificate to illegally gain entry into the university will be punished in the early days of Nasa’s administration,” Mr Omar added at a news conference at Renaissance Centre.


“The facts are glaring and Nasa will not condone impunity by any person no matter his status in life or in society,” Mr Omar, who has in the past opposed joint Nasa primaries at the port city, said.

Mr Joho, who has since admitted scoring a D- (minus) grade is currently under probe by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Ethnics and Anti-Corruption Commission (IEBC).

The Kenya Revenue Authority is also looking into his bank accounts.

The ODM deputy leader has also indicated the the Ministry of Health was investigating his birth certificate with an intention of declaring him a foreigner and barring him from vying in August vote.


Mr Omar argued that it will be a practical case of selective application of law for “Mr Joho to still remain in the office when some 300 Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) workers got sacked two years ago for obtaining employment using forged credentials”.

“If you are sacking people from KPA. We must sack people from public service. If there is an audit, it must cover everybody,” Mr Omar said.

If elected governor, Mr Omar said “his first agenda” will be to set up an investigation panel to probe every criminal action committed by Governor Joho’s regime “to its conclusion”.

He accused the Mombasa government of seizing some property under unclear circumstance and that his government will revert them back to their owners.

“We will not only restitute but also redistribute and punish persons who committed the offence. If you had been asked to offer bribe, you will come and tell us. We will pursue every criminal action to its conclusion,” he said.


He added: “For now, let Governor Joho be on the ballot and let the residents of Mombasa have an issue-based performance-oriented political season.”

He accused the Jubilee government of politicising claims facing Mr Joho saying he could not be prosecuted now as it will be seen to be political.

“The greatest threat to Mombasa politics is the Jubilee government and our regional county commissioner Nelson Marwa. He can wake up three weeks to election and do something. Our strategy team is getting anxious by the day. When he calls for a press conference, we are all tuned to live TV. He can say something and resurrect someone,” added Mr Omar.

Mr Omar is likely to battle it out with Mr Joho, Jubilee Party hopeful Suleiman Shahbal and Vibrant Democratic Party’s Hezron Awiti to be the county’s boss.